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Ex Facio Performance Dress Socks (3-Pack) Ex Facio Performance Dress Socks (3-Pack)

$45.29 - $45.69
Made from 100% Recycled Plastic.
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Why The Ex Facio Performance Dress Sock

Because they are the best socks in the world and the best socks for the world too!

Rock your Ex Facio's at work, immediately run a marathon, come home and sleep with them on in total comfort!

What cool people say?

Basically how they can do so many crazy things with this our socks


Our top priority at Ex facio is our relationship with you and our diverse community. Our goal is to maximize your happiness, please let us know what we can improve. Give you a refund? Send you a replacement? We will go the distance. We are here for you 100%. Please reach out to our Euphoria Engineers. Your thoughts and feelings matter to us. We WANT to hear from you!

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