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Ex Facio recycled plastic socks, provide free eyecare to those in need!

Ex Facio Comfort

Feet and oceans love our soft silky-smooth
 recycled plastic socks.      

Ex Facio Engineering

 Created for superior
breath-ability, and durability. 

Ex Facio for the World

All purchases help clean our environment and give the gift of sight to the visually impaired.  

Comfort and Performance You Will LoVe

We know you have busy days running to and from work, school, and activities. When you wear Ex Facio out on the town, you may not think about the smooth, soft, and breathable fabrics, but you'll know that you're starting your day with the extra comfort and support you need.


A Portion of every sock sale is donated to the SEVA foundation.  Restoring sight relieves suffering and reduces poverty.
 Seva has:
• Helped 5 million people regain their sight globally.  
• Provided sight-saving surgeries, eyeglasses, medicine and other eye care services to tens of millions of people in need.
• Supported the development of self-sustaining eye care programs for underserved communities in 20 countries.
Every year, Seva funds programs that provide eye care to
1 million of the world’s most marginalized people.


We are ushering in the fintech revolution by enabling the purchase of all our products with sustainable and low energy blockchain based assets.  Including Dogecoin ARF ARF!  

Turning Plastic Waste Into socks and much much more!

Sustainability should never be an after thought in the development of any product. We are committed to always keeping sustainability first.

Our mission is to accelerate the removal of plastic waste from our oceans and environment, end blindness, and support the transition to innovative fintech solutions.  Each pair of Ex Facio socks removes its weight in plastic from our environment, provides free eyecare to those in need, and can be purchased with sustainable crypto assets. 

Not only do we turn recycled plastic into the most comfortable and durable socks on the planet!  We consider the impact of every action at Ex Facio in order to maximize our contribution to society and the planet as a whole.  

Ex Facio is the vehicle we have chosen to usher in benevolent change!

The innovative fabric creation process has a massive positive ecological impact! 

Reduces energy consumption by


Reduces water consumption by


Reduces Greenhouse gas emissions by


Ex Facio recycled plastic sock purchases, in sustainable crypto and traditional currencies, provide free eyecare to those in need!

The Ex Facio Promise:

Our top priority at Ex Facio is our relationship with you and our diverse community. If you are not feeling love, space, and freedom in your relationship with us, let us know. We are here to serve you. Please reach out to our mindfulness specialists. Your thoughts and feelings matter to us. We LOVE hearing from you! Refunds, Returns, Etc...Anything is possible.