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Ex Facio recycled plastic sock purchases, in sustainable crypto and traditional currencies, provide free eyecare to those in need!

The BEST Fabrics from
Intelligent DESIGN

We have imposed rigorous standards in performance, vastly improving the durability, breath-ability, and moisture-wicking properties of Ex Facio Socks.

We have elevated our designs, fabrics, fibers, and threads to the highest levels possible in all aspects.

Our 100% Sustainable  has superior properties built in from the ground up.

Ex Facio is engineered to contour to your feet, keeping you dry, and protected so you can keep doing your thing day in and day out.

Engineered for Life 

We know you have busy days, running to and from work, school, and activities.

Ex-Facio is here to help. All our fabrics, fibers, and threads are for a clean feeling all day long.

We even eliminated all the annoying seams and design flaws that "seamed" to be the industry standard.

Tailor Made for the Ultimate Fit

We created support systems that embrace and cradle your feet.

Retrofitted the classic stress points with extra cushioning and reinforcements, increasing comfort and durability!

We put so much time and love into Ex Facio we guarantee you will feel the difference.

Why we support Sustainable blockchain  financial Technology?

It's digital and decentralized offering greater control of funds and lower fees. It’s faster, cheaper, more secure, and immutable.

It's to store, track and spend digital money.

Crypto is less volatile and easier to conduct transactions with across boundaries and online.

Crypto is trackable with a permanent and public record of every single transaction 

For investment there is no conversion process, an open market, and no restrictions imposed by banks or governments.

 It's Fast, private, secure, and transparent.

Duplication is impossible and ownership is transferred with each transaction instantly.

Transnational digital currencies have no boundaries, no exchange values, and no third party interventions.  Seamless transactions globally.


Our top priority at Ex Facio is our relationship with you and our diverse community.  If you are not feeling love, space, and freedom in your relationship with us, let us know.  We are here to serve you.  Please reach out to our mindfulness specialists. Your thoughts and feelings matter to us. We LOVE  hearing from you!  Refunds, Returns, Etc...Anything is possible.