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We created Ex Facio to reinvigorate our recycling programs and accelerate the transition to recycling plastic waste.
Years of research & development created improvements to the comfort, performance, design and most importantly sustainability. We are contently innovating, using the newest most sustainable materials and processes.

Ex Facio uses nearly 100% sustainable fabrics, threads, and fibers. (not just the 13% required industry standard for using the word "sustainable")   We created the most durable socks ever, the less socks you have to replace the better for the environment. Of course we finished it off with 100% recycled cardboard packaging.  It just makes sense!   

Sustainable materials

We love making a difference.  When you choose Ex Facio not only are you choosing superior quality and design, you are making a positive impact.  We maximize the use of recycled fabrics, fibers, and threads in our socks. 

Your purchases are removing waste plastic from the environment.  Not to mention the immense amount of land, water, energy, and greenhouse gas emissions conserved in the process.  All this adds up to big improvements!

Sustainable Life

Research is clear that lack of demand for plastic waste is choking our recycling programs.  We aim to fix that by turning plastic waste into the most desirable socks ever created!

  Lack of recycling programs are creating massive amounts of plastic waste that is destroying our oceans, animals, and environment.

Sustainable end of life cycle

The inefficient re-purposing of products at the end of their life cycle is effecting our environment.  An astounding 91% of plastic isn't recycled.  Billions of tons of plastic have been made over the past decades, and much of it is becoming trash and litter.  Which ends up in our oceans and environment. 

We would like to make the demand for products made in recycled plastic so great that companies will actually dig up land fills, and clean the oceans to reclaim the valuable plastic in them.  


Our top priority at Ex facio is our relationship with you and our diverse community. Our goal is to maximize your happiness, please let us know what we can improve. Give you a refund? Send you a replacement? We will go the distance. We are here for you 100%. Please reach out to our Euphoria Engineers. Your thoughts and feelings matter to us. We WANT to hear from you!